We have so much fun exploring our stores, looking for pieces to transform! As our first #arcCycle project (where we UPcycle pieces, get it?!), this decorative stool became a modern side table in just a few easy steps!

We found this stool at our Thornton location for $14.99, but lucked out to be there on 50% off Saturday - so we brought this ornate stool home for $7.50!

Step #1: Pull the stool apart. We knew that we wanted to make use of the modern, metal base. We carefully removed the top from the base, making sure to not cause any damage to the part we knew we would be using.

Step #2: Paint the base. We wanted to go for something that felt neutral and could fit into anyone’s home, so went with a basic black color. First, we sanded down the existing base (which helps the color stick better) and used a black spray paint to cover it all.

Step #3: Select the new top. We found this found piece and loved the way it looked. It was the perfect size for the base and also looked like it had an owl face in the wood grain. Extra cool points. We wanted a wood top and finish, but you have endless possibilities when selecting a top for a project like this. You could even find another piece at arc Thrift Stores that has a great top and repurpose it!

Step #4: Connect the new top. We were working with a piece where it had already had a top on it, so we connected the top through the base with existing holes for screws. It isn’t always that easy, so make sure you’re careful if you have to use any power tools on a project!

Step #5: Admire your work! If you are keeping your piece or have another plan for it, make sure to celebrate the new life you’ve given to your piece!

Make sure to always use your imagination when you’re thrifting at arc Thrift Stores. Some pieces are ready for your home as they are, but some just need a little bit of love to create the perfect, unique piece for your home!