Arc Chapters

Our goal is to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain self-respect, self-determination, independence, and the freedom to participate in their homes, communities, and workplaces.

The Arc Chapters were established in the 1950s to advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since their inception, the individual Arc Chapters, the ACL, and Advocacy Denver have continued to broadcast their mission and increase public awareness. The chapters are supported by arc Thrift Stores and the donations you provide. Every donation and sale goes to help individuals in your communities. Together, we will continue to support inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in your communities.

Some of the services provided by the local chapters include:

  • Individual advocacy for children and families.
  • Referrals/applications in the areas of education, Social Security, Medicaid.
  • Public educational presentations regarding parental rights, legal issues, legislation, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Advocacy support, intervention and interaction with school and special education professionals.
  • Individual advocacy for adults.
  • Interaction with state and local systems and monitoring services delivered by provider agencies.
  • Information on housing, employment, and community connections.
  • Problem solving and dispute resolution.
  • Information on public policy issues.
  • Guardianship services.

Arc and ACL Chapters in Colorado



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