Creepy Halloween finds from the past are my favorite! I feel as those I come by this passion naturally…would you believe my grandma’s favorite craft tool -- baby doll heads -- is finally on trend?

Baby doll heads were a big part of my childhood. My grandmother would create her own dolls with doll heads she found at craft stores and thrift stores across Louisiana. As an homage to her, I have been an avid collector of the weird and creepy doll heads and absolutely love it when they turn up at arc Thrift Stores!

You might wonder what I do with such a macabre item. It’s all about Halloween and being as creative as possible!! A baby doll head Halloween wreath adorns my office door (but I have to admit I keep it up year-round) in the corporate offices of arc Thrift Stores. It is one of my most-prized possessions and a never-fail conversation starter when new people join the company…he he he he!!

Therefore, when I ran across these fun child mannequins for sale at one of the arc stores, I knew I had to do a plant project. I mean, who doesn’t want a doll head with a plant growing out of its head?!


1. Locate the perfect doll head. This may involve a minor “surgery” on a baby doll that has a hollow head. We aren’t above  decapitation for this project.

2. Remove the head from the body of the doll.

3. We used a hole saw attachment attached to a drill to cut a circular hole in the top of the baby doll head. I had my husband do this outside for safety purposes and to cut down on the mess.

4. Located an artificial succulent plant at my local arc Thrift Store.

5. Removed the succulent pieces from the planter. In this case, there were three individual “stems” of fake succulent plant.

6. It would be fun to put a live plant in a baby doll head as well. In that case, be sure you have a second hole in the base of the head to allow for proper drainage when you water the plant.

7. I decided I wanted this project to last so I opt for fake plants.

The final project is something I will keep on my desk year round! SO FUN! So, whether you are into the weird and creepy or just love a new idea for a planter, the creepy doll head planter is a SUPER easy and FUN addition to your Fall project line up.