Here at Ability Specialists, we not only offer a day program and evening groups, but we also specialize in employment coaching. We work with and mentor several individuals at work in our community. Many members of our Ability Specialists family independently work full or part-time jobs that are outside of our normal day program. We offer specialized visits to these people at their place of work. It doesn’t matter if they’re a veteran in the workforce or just getting their feet wet, everyone can use a little coaching. We not only work with the individual, but we also work with their coworkers and supervisors on how to best support and get the best out of their employees.

Ahron is a great success story. He started off part-time but now works at Cherry Creek Country Club 5 days a week. Ahron does everything from cleaning lawn equipment to keeping the main grounds office clean for all the employees that are coming in and out every day. Over the last four years, Ahron has blossomed into a conscientious reliable employee. In the first three months of coaching Ahron was awarded employee of the month! Ahron has a tendency to crush his employment goals, so we challenged him with other growth opportunities outside of work duties such as defining and working toward personal goals and developing interpersonal skills that can be applied to a wider variety of life situations.

If you or someone you know works independently in the community and could use some extra support or guidance, give us a call!